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We are here to promote your business rapidly in Bangladesh and broad. Generally , We promote your shop , products , post and like page. In Fact, we promote Like Facebook Page in the following in the mentioned cost


Facebook Boosting cost at Web Host Rs BD is fixed .We fulfill your target within 3-7 days . If you want to buy facebook Like page, remember this our below mentioned  terms and conditions. To fill the target of your Boosting, Web Host Rs Bd has responsibility .If we need to add money to fulfil your target by  mentioned cost, we will adds money for that. Your satisfaction is our pleasure.

Package 01- 3000 like by $ 36 BDT 3096

Package 02- 7000 Like by $ 84 BDT 7024

Package 03- 10000 Like by $ 120 BDT 10320

Package 04- 15000 Like by $ 180 BDT 15480

Package 05- 25000 Like by $ 300 BDT 25800

Package 06- 50000 Like by $ 600 BDT 51600

Package 07- 100000 Like by 1200 BDT 103200

N -T : Number 1-5 package , you have to pay extra 2 $ for bank charge.If you take except others, you do not have to pay extra charge.

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We are Web Host Rs Bd  5 years of experience on this field with most talented peoples and leaders.

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